This is my beautiful, intelligent, loving, semi-obedient and always funny dog, Sonny. He is a Rat Terrier who was born in East Tennessee on December 17, 2005. When we brought him home he fit in my hand and weighed as much as a whisper. Today, at 35 lbs. he’s more like a scream, especially when I try to lift him. This blog is in his honor and I only hope I do him proud. Welcome!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Would You Know What To Do If...

Today I'd like to point out how important it is to know how to help your dog in an emergency. Everyone should definitely know how to perform CPR on a person in order to save a life, however, few pet owners ever take the time to learn how to perform CPR on their best friends. Below you'll find two excellent videos that will show you what to do in case of an emergency and a third that shows you how important that knowledge can be. Make sure that all members of your family see these videos, especially children so they have a better understanding of emergency procedures and how easily their pet can get hurt.

How to perform CPR on your dog!

How to perform First Aid on your dog!

A heart-warming story of how a Policeman saved a Dalmation with CPR!

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What Are You Feeding Your Dog?

Did you know that many breeds of dogs have a genetic life span of 27 years? However, the biggest impediment to a long, healthy life is the food you feed him. So if you care about your best friend, try this Dog Food Calculator. It will tell you how good your dog food is for your breed of dog. It's simple and it's totally FREE!

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